The Campaign to Bring Major Level Sports Team to Rochester by 2030!

This website is dedicated to our local teams. However, people who lack proper local pride and loyalty are always quick to point out that the BILLS, Sabres and Orange are our regional teams, NOT our local teams. While their sentiments are noted, these teams are a very manageable distance and our radio stations, TV stations and newspaper have zero issue covering them. That said, there is no reason Rochester cannot support some type of major level sports team! Whether that’s NCAA Division 1 Sports, a Major League Baseball team or something else, Rochester can and should have a major level sports team of our own!

Our area has always been great at supporting our teams and making them our own. Its the big reason this site was created! However, it is embarrassing that an area of our size does not have something big time of our own when it comes to sports.

This is the official campaign to bring a big league level, mainstream sports team/program to the 585 by the year 2030! We will promote this as best we can. We will meet with leaders from our community and colleges to see why we have not done this and what we need to do this!

We can’t just be a minor league only town anymore with a golf tournament every 10 years. It takes big time thinking, big time guts and big time pride & loyalty to get Rochester off of the mat when it comes to sports!

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Together, we can do this! It’s time to #GoBigForRochester!