The BILLS Survey Fans About Stadium Situation:

So looking around social media today, I stumbled upon this story that Matt Parrino of reported today. The BILLS sent a survey out about the possibilities of renovating New Era Field or building a new stadium entirely. You can read his article here, which includes the link to the actual survey (

I took the 20-minutes and answered the survey and no doubt about it, Russ Brandon is no longer with the Buffalo BILLS!

I was expecting this to be a going through the motions exercise just to make the fans feel like they have a say in building a new stadium or fixing up the, "Ralph!". Had Russ been in charge then this probably would have been very cookie-cutter about bathrooms, concessions and parking. This, though, was an extremely in-depth survey that gave phenomenal insight into what the Pegula's & the brain trust at PSE might be thinking.

Questions included how much would you be willing to pay for season tickets in different sections of the stadium, would you be willing to pay more if it was a new stadium vs. a renovated New Era Field. These questions also included prices for suites, loge seating, club seats, special standing room only sections and other amenities. What I found most interesting is that they had a starting price for each section and would then lower the price until you said that you maybe or probably would buy season tickets for that section.

Other questions included where you want the stadium. I picked downtown Buffalo because that seems to be most sustainable but my wife points out the parking situation could be so bad that you may need to get to the stadium at 10:00am just to get into the gates for a 1:00 kickoff. If I could be selfish, I would prefer the stadium somewhere between Lancaster and Batavia but I know that is not realistic. I feel that between the Harbor Center, the Labatt Brew House and other investments the Pegula's have made, that they would ideally want to go downtown or stay in Orchard Park. Most stadiums that host major events are located downtown and if there is going to be public financing then I would think fans would want a dome or retractable roof stadium to make it a year round facility so that the taxpayer investment is used more often.

It really is worth the time to sit and take the survey. At the end of the survey the BILLS ask you if you could be contacted for possibly being part of a focus group for further research as the team figures out the stadium situation.

All smart companies do market research and obviously it is easy to look at the NFL and think cynically that if they can make more money elsewhere then screw the fans, market and tradition and go. However, given the investments the Pegula's have made in both Buffalo & Rochester, it appears that they have zero interest in doing that to this fanbase and instead are really taking the time to get the pulse of the area. I say bravo for doing meaningful market research.